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Ramsbury Vodka

Expert distillery at its finest.

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Vodka worth wishing for

After a fine, fragrant vodka that ticks all the boxes? Look at you, in the right place.

Crafted with care from seed to spirit, our award-winning vodka harnesses winter wheat for a beautiful vodka with an English accent.

Single estate, endless taste

We craft our spirits from start to finish, caring deeply about every step. Like a passionate dancer.

But we’re farmers first, and we live by the farmer’s philosophy. We sow, we grow, we waste nothing. Our vodka begins as winter wheat on our fields. After selecting the finest grains, we distil it through our 43-plate copper still, creating a delicious spirit with a silky smooth texture. Voilà. Magic.

Ramsbury Vodka is one of the few Single Estate vodkas made in the UK. We also believe it’s the best one. Don’t take our word for it, though. Try us and you’ll see why our vodka is worth toasting to – and with.

Tasting notes

Our journey of the senses begins with notes of dried fruits, followed by cocoa and layers of caramel for a silky finish. An elegant, medium-bodied texture which hints of dark chocolate, for a distinctive and enigmatic character full of surprises.

The beauty of the details

Our bottles aren’t just eye-catching. They’re also a celebration of the way we do things. Protecting land and making environmentally sensitive decisions. Reusing, refilling, recycling. Each bottle is marked with coordinates, so you can picture the ancient Wiltshire countryside as you sip, and look up the exact field where your bottle was born.
The coordinates are also functional. You can visit our farm and distillery on a tour, or put your academic hat on at our gin school. You can relax though, there’ll be no quizzes.

Single Estate Vodka in action

In the spotlight

If it were up to us, our vodka would receive prizes every day. Lucky for us, these people agree:

The London Spirits Competition awarded us 97 points, a gold medal, Vodka of the year and Best in Show by Country (2024).
The Beverage Tasting Institute of Chicago awarded our vodka a gold medal and 93 points (2024).
The San Francisco World Spirits Competition awarded us *Best of Class Vodka* and a double gold medal (2023).
Ramsbury Vodka also won the People’s Choice Award for the best Easy Weekday Vodka (2023).

Want to see what the fuss is about?


Is gin more up your street?

Right this way. Right this way.

Hand crafted from our field to your glass on the Ramsbury Estate. ...

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Create a classic negroni this weekend. 🍊 ...

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This National Walking Month, take a scenic stroll to Ramsbury Distillery and experience the charm of our home-grown spirits with one of our tours or visit our on-site shop. ...

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Which cocktail would you make with our award-winning vodka? Now on offer in Waitrose stores nationwide (& online). ...

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Cheers to the bank holiday weekend ahead! 🥂 ...

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Don`t forget to include our award-winning Ramsbury Gin in your perfect bank holiday picnic basket. ...

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Happy Earth Day 🌳. Our distillery has been built with a ‘sustainable first’ mind set. Come and visit us to learn more. ...

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Sip into spring with our tantalising Long Peach Spritz!

Add all the ingredients to a glass filled with ice. Top with soda and garnish with lemon and lime.

50ml Ramsbury Vodka
35ml Creme de Peche
25ml Lemon juice
25ml Sugar syrup
Mexican lime Soda
Lemon and Lime wheel

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Raise a glass to excellence! 🥇 Ramsbury Gin and Vodka have been awarded gold medals by the @beveragetestinginstitute ...

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Crafted with care from our fields to your glass. ...

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Stirring perfection one cocktail at a time. 🍹 ...

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The magic of our spirits starts with our home grown wheat. 🌾 🍸 ...

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One of our favourites....The Gibson! Here`s how to make yours:

Add to a mixing glass filled with cubed ice 50ml Ramsbury Vodka, 15ml Lustau vermouth, 10ml Pickled onion brine and 5ml Cornichons brine. Stir until chilled and diluted. Strain gently in to a chilled martini glass and garnish with a pickled onion.

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Why not join us this year at the Ramsbury Estate. 🌳 The first Experience Tour of the year is just over a month away (26th April), so book now.

Details via our bio link or at

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Toasting our loved ones! 🥂 ...

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Pick up a bottle of Ramsbury Gin for Mother`s Day. Now on offer in Waitrose stores nationwide (& online- link in bio). ...

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Create a classic negroni this weekend. 🍊

30ml Ramsbury Single Estate Gin
20ml Red Vermouth
20ml Campari
Garnish- Orange Wedge

Fill a mixing glass with cubed ice. Add all ingredients and stir until chilled and diluted. Strain gently in to a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with an orange wedge.

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Experience our `World`s Best Vodka`, home-grown in Wiltshire. ...

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Treat a loved one to the perfect passionfruit martini this Valentine`s day, made with our award-winning Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka, passionfruit, Passoa and lime juice. ...

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Sustainability is at the heart of the Ramsbury Estate 🌳 . Come and visit us and see how. ...

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Beginning to think about those summer cocktails. ...

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