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UK’s Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka is the Best Spirit of 2021

Originating from Marlborough in the UK, the Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka by Ramsbury Brewing & Distilling Co. was crowned Spirit of the Year at the 2021 London Spirits Competition. Reigning over an array of spirits like whisky, gin, and rum, the vodka also took home the title of Best in Show by Country, Vodka of the Year, and Best Spirit by Quality. Read More

GQ – Best vodkas for perfect martinis (stirred, not shaken)

September 03 - 2021  Deriving from the Ramsbury Estate, which covers Wiltshire, Berkshire and Hampshire, this single-estate vodka is sustainably created as part of a closed-loop system. Even Prince Charles has visited the grounds to sample the produce. Quite the seal of approval. Available at, and

The Times – The sustainable Gin and Vodka with cutting edge tech

July 16 - 2021  In rural Wiltshire a single estate distillery is creating an innovative range of cocktail heroes with all the magic ingredients at hand – from pure well water to homegrown wheat.

The Times – A Glass Apart: How deep is your knowledge of gin?

July 09 - 2021  Summer is finally here and there’s nothing like relaxing and toasting the season in style with a refreshing gin cocktail. And, as we all enjoy some much-needed freedom and socialising again after lockdown, what better way to celebrate than with some Ramsbury Single Estate Gin, a modern twist on the classic London dry gin style.

The Times – Give classic cocktails a modern twist: That’s the spirit

July 02 - 2021  Nothing says summer quite like sitting back and enjoying a refreshing cocktail. As we celebrate our post-lockdown freedom, adding a modern twist to some of the classics is a great way to keep things feeling a little bit special.

Ramsbury Single Estate Spirits claim SIP Award Wins

June 22 - 2021  Ramsbury Single Estate Gin was awarded the Platinum award and Consumer Choice Award at the 2021 SIP Awards. It was a double win for Ramsbury Single Estate Spirits with the their Vodka also picking up awards - the SIP Gold Award and Consumer Choice award.

Forbes: The London Spirits Competition Announces 2021 Top Medalists

April 20 - 2021

The Spirit of the Year was the Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka produced by the Ramsbury Brewing and Distilling Co. Ltd. The Ramsbury Vodka was also awarded the Best Spirit by Quality and the Vodka of the Year. The Ramsbury estate is made up of over 19,000 acres of North East Wiltshire, West Berkshire and North Hampshire in the United Kingdom.

Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka crowned ‘Best Spirit of The Year’

April 13 - 2021

Spirit Of The Year - Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka scored 96 points making it top score in the 2021 London Spirits Competition.

Spirits from all over the world participated in the fourth annual London Spirits Competition, which took place in London on March 17, 2021. 

Ramsbury Spirits Unveils New Look As It Secures Waitrose Listing

January 26 - 2021  Ramsbury Single Estate Spirits has revealed a new packaging design for both its Single Estate Gin and Vodka and simultaneously announced the news that Waitrose will be stocking the pair of spirits nationwide.

Hearts & Science has been appointed as media agency of record for Ramsbury Single Estate

January 25 - 2021  Hearts & Science has been appointed as media agency of record for Ramsbury Single Estate spirits.

Ramsbury Single Estates Spirits gives grain coordinates in gin, vodka pack revamp

January 22 - 2021

Ramsbury Single Estate Spirits has updated the packaging design for the two-strong portfolio of its namesake brand.

The privately owned, UK based company has refreshed the bottle for both Ramsbury Single Estate Gin and Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka. Featuring tinted glass, the label also includes the coorindates of the location of the grain used to distil the two expressions.

Ramsbury Virtual TipJar

March 30 - 2020

Read about our Ramsbury friends initiative and our efforts to try and give a little help to our costumers in this trying period.

Book Your Tickets for Ramsbury Cocktail and Food Pairing with Mark Hix – 20th February 2020

January 31 - 2020

Join us on 20th February at Mark Hix’s Bar Bankside for an evening of Ramsbury cocktails and delicious food to match. From 6.30pm – 8pm, you’ll be treated to a selection of mini-dishes using meat, game, honey and rapeseed oil from our estate , paired to 4 Ramsbury gin and vodka cocktails.

Christmas with Ramsbury in Edinburgh

December 13 - 2019

Read about our winter take-over at the beautiful Kimpton Hotel.

Ramsbury expansion, inward and outward!

November 20 - 2019

Read about our expansion into Italy and our new global brand ambassador, Mikul Kalyan.

Ramsbury is one of the best gin experiences in the UK!

November 20 - 2019

We are honoured to be considered one of the best gin experiences in the UK. Read more about this flattering but oh so true acknowledgement.

Drink Up on tour to Ramsbury Distillery

November 20 - 2019

Our friends at Drink Up gave us visit to see what the fuzz is all about. Click the link to read more about what they found out.

Taking local to a whole new level

November 20 - 2019

We invited Master of Malt to the estate and showed them what it truly means to be a single estate distiller.

Ramsbury Estate of Mind at London Cocktail Week

October 09 - 2019

A part of the London Cocktail Week Village was transformed into a slice of the countryside, complete with a gorgeous floral installation and cocktails on tap - ready to transport you to the Ramsbury Estate in Wiltshire...

A Taste of the English Countryside Hits Dalloway Terrace

July 31 - 2019

Read about how we brought a little bit of the English countryside to central London with the takeover of Dalloway Terrace.

Ramsbury Vodka swiped the Master title

October 01 - 2018This is a markedly different time for vodka. While wacky confectionary flavours may have had their day in the sun, drinkers are approaching vodka with a more discerning attitude.

14 best British gin brands in 2018

May 22 - 2018Some say the best gin in Britain, at least it’s the best gin in Ramsbury.

Gin Foundry visits Ramsbury distillery

April 05 - 2018It’s proper grain to glass operation, done on the scale where the spirit can be clean. There’s no messing around, no half attempt to make something and then having to carbon filter the life out it to remove the underlying base flavours. Read more about the philosophy behind Ramsbury Brewery & Distillery and what single estate spirits are all about.

In good spirits! Prince Charles jokes with workers at tour of gin distillery

December 15 - 2017I friendly visit from the prince of Wales.