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About Ramsbury

Where passion triumphs and taste comes first.

About us

Hello. We’re Ramsbury. We make smooth, creamy vodka and crisp, full-bodied gin in the heart of Wiltshire.

Dare to be delighted

The road to mastery is always a great one. What’s our specialty, you ask? Precision. Technology. Elegance. The result? Gin and vodka that make you sing with delight.

Single estate, endless flavour

What does it mean to be single estate? It means that we make everything we possibly can from scratch on the Ramsbury Estate. From grain to glass, seed to spirit.

The estate allows us to continue our farming roots, but it also enables us to do things in the most sustainable way that we can. Our aim is to reduce our waste and the impact we have on the surrounding nature.

You’d be very welcome to come visit, if you like. It’s very pretty here. You can discover our farm, tour our brewery and distillery, or visit our pub, the Bell at Ramsbury. You can learn more about our produce, visit on a free educational conservation trip, or make your very own gin at our gin school. You can even throw a fabulous party in our event space, right on site where the magic happens.

How It All Works

At Ramsbury we practice environmental conscious farming. We use the perfect blend of tradition and innovation to produce spirits with the highest quality and the lowest environmental impact.
Our copper stills use the steam generated by a bio-mass boiler fed by our own sustainable woodland. Once the distilling is complete, the spent grains are fed to the animals on the farms. The wastewater is cleaned by a wildlife-friendly reed bed system, which then feeds into our lake.

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Commitment to sustainability

Across everything we do, our aim is to be big on flavour and small on the environment.
We’re farmers first, and we live by the farmer’s philosophy. We re-use, re-fill, recycle. We learn, share, refine. That’s the farmer’s way.

We do our very best to do things the right way wherever we can. We use solar energy, which you can monitor in real time. Our biomass boiler is fed by our own sustainable woodlands. The quince in our gins is from our very own quince bushes. Our livestock are fed protein-packed spent brewer’s grains. Our wastewater is cleaned by a wildlife-friendly reed bed system. We use recyclable materials wherever we can.

We don’t do it for praise or acclaim, which is why we don’t talk about it that much. We do it because that’s the way it should be done.

In action