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Anything worth doing is worth doing well. And may we add, probably best done by oneself.
Welcome to Ramsbury.

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Our story

Our story

AT RAMSBURY our ambition when it comes to sustainability and quality knows no bounds. Only the best is good enough. We grow our own wheat and we distill an incredibly smooth spirit, the basis of our gin. Each and every step of the process is carefully planned and thought through, to ensure it is part of a natural cycle with no waste. The fact that we do everything here at the estate, using only the best ingredients from our land – makes our gin one of the world’s very few Single Estates.

Our Spirits

Ramsbury Single Estate Gin

A wonderful crisp gin full of flavour in which you can really smell the quince up front which leads onto a palate with a more traditional juniper taste, the finish is very refreshing and well.

Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka

The finest wheat, grown on our quintessential estate here in the ancient Wiltshire landscape. That’s at the heart of the unique flavour profile of our single estate vodka. Every bottle’s heritage is traceable back to its single field of origin.

The distillery process

  1. We choose only the finest Horatio wheat from our best fields
  2. The wheat is milled into a rough flour
  3. Distiller’s yeast is added and the mash is allowed to ferment
  4. The mash is distilled to produce low-wine of around 76%
  5. The low-wine is diluted to 35% and heated in our pot still
  1. Distilling through our 43 plate copper column still gives our spirit its signature smoothness. This distills to 96,5%
  2. Nine botanicals are added to the 140-litre gin still
  3. The spirit is heated, condensed and collected at 86% proof
  4. Our gin is diluted with Ramsbury water, filtered and bottled by hand
  5. Ta-da!

Signature drinks

A CLICHÉ WE KNOW but a simple G&T is wonderful when made with Ramsbury Gin. A proper Indian tonic, lots of ice and a wafer thin slice of apple, quince or pear make all the difference.


60 ml Ramsbury Gin
5 ml Dry Vermouth Lime peel or a stick of rosemary


Lime peel

Dry Martini

Stir a generous measure of Ramsbury gin with a splash of dry Vermouth and pour  into a chilled V-shaped cocktail glass. Garnish with a spiral of lime peel or a twig of rosemary.


50 ml Ramsbury Gin
25 ml fresh lime juice
25 ml citrus cordial
80 ml club soda


Lemongrass and lime wheel

Citrus Herbal Collins

Shake all the ingredients except the soda. Double strain over ice cubes into a Highball glass. Top up with club soda  and garnish with lemongrass and a lime wheel.


40 ml Ramsbury Gin
20 ml fresh lemon juice
30 ml Wiltshire Quince Cordial Chamomile & lavender foam


Edible seasonal owers


Shake Ramsbury gin, fresh lemon juice and Wiltshire Quince cordial. Strain the mix over ice cubes and lace with chamomile & lavender foam.


50 ml Ramsbury Gin
60 ml fresh clear red apple juice
20 ml fresh lemon juice
20 ml Smoked Apple and Cinnamon Cordial


Cinnamon Smoke

Smoke & Mirrors

Stir all the ingredients and strain over some ice into the glass. Fill up with cinnamon smoke and close the lid.


40 ml Ramsbury Gin
160 ml Fever Tree Tonic


3 slices of red apple
3 slices of green apple
2 slices of lime

Ramsbury Tonic

Pour a healthy measure of Ramsbury Gin over ice cubes in a glass. Top up with your favourite Tonic. Garnish with thin slices of apple and lime.


350 ml Ramsbury Vodka
250 ml Elderflower Fever Tree
10 Strawberries
18 leaf of mint
3 Cucumber slices
5 slices of Orange
5 Slices of Lemon


Garnish your glass with seasonal fruits,
berries and herbs.

Wiltshire Punch

Fuse all ingredients plus cubed ice in your pitcher, top up with Fever Tree Elder ower Tonic.


50ml Ramsbury Gin
15ml Chestnut syrup
15ml Blackberry liqueur
10ml Lemon/ Supasawa


Lemon twist

Chestnut Bramble

Add all ingredients to shaker with ice, shake and strain
in to glass over block of ice. Garnish


50ml Ramsbury Vodka
25ml beetroot
15ml Cacao
5ml sugar
10ml lemon juice egg white


Beet slice

Sour Beat

Add all ingredients to shaker with ice, shake and double strain in to chilled glass.


40 ml Ramsbury Gin
25 ml Apricot
5ml lemon
Top with Soda


Rosemary sprig and Black olive

The Bell

Fill glass with ice, add all ingredients and top with soda water. Garnish


40 ml Ramsbury Vodka
60 ml fresh rhubarb juice
15 ml fresh lemon juice
30 ml simple syrup
Pinch of freshly ground cardamom


Thin slice of rhubarb

Walk in the park

Shake all the ingredients vigorously, double strain over ice cubes, into a Highball glass. Garnish with a thin slice of rhubarb.