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Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka

A smooth and rich vodka, crafted from the finest Horatio and Spotlight wheat grown on the Ramsbury estate. Each and every bottle can be traced back to the very field in which the wheat originated. 700ml, 43% ABV

Smooth, sweet & delicate


Two ingredients combine to make our wonderfully characterful vodka.  Horatio wheat grown in our fields adjacent to the distillery and our own chalk filtered water, which when distilled make one of the smoothest and most elegant of single estate spirits.


The Horatio wheat’s distinctive vanilla tones round off a sweet and delicate bouquet.


An elegant, medium-bodied vodka with a creamy texture, tones of dried fruit, cocoa and layers of caramel are followed by dark chocolate richness. It is both distinctive and enigmatic, with a unique and memorable character.

Distilled from our own wheat