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Ramsbury Single Estate Gin

Ramsbury Single Estate Gin is a modern twist on a classic London dry gin. The spirit is distilled in a copper still using Horatio and Spotlight wheat, grown on estate grounds, before the spirit is distilled again with nine botanicals including locally picked quince grown on the Ramsbury Estate.


A crisp, full bodied gin in which floral notes combined with our defining botanical, quince, gives it a moreish and sweet palate. It’s perfect when paired with a classic Indian tonic, a slice of apple and lime and plenty of ice.  700ml, 40% ABV.

Floral tones & crisp quince


Starting with our 96.5% spirit we add our nine botanicals (juniper, fresh quince, cinnamon, liquorice, oris root, dried lemon peel, dried orange peel, angelica). These are then distilled in our 160l gin still. From our 80% gin concentrate we blend down to 40% using our own water and chill filter once before hand bottling on site.


Juniper gently infused with the grassy and fruity tones of our quince. Lighter citrus notes, coupled with a woody fragrance from the angelica, further complemented by the spices of cinnamon all to create a balanced and complex aroma.


Floral tones and crisp quince fades into more savoury juniper, with a refreshing finish and a touch of spice. A modern twist on a classic London dry, Ramsbury Single Estate Gin is simply charming in its character.

Our botanicals

The precise recipe for Ramsbury Single Estate Gin is a well-kept secret, only a few people know it. And it will remain that way. However, the basis of our gin is our own wheat vodka.

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