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Shake Ramsbury Single Estate Gin, fresh lemon juice and Wiltshire Quince cordial. Strain the mix over ice cubes and lace with chamomile & lavender foam.

Wiltshire Quince Cordial

Cut five quince into small pieces. Place the pieces in a vacuum bag and add 1 litre of Simple syrup. Seal the bag and let it soak overnight in a water bath at 64°C, so that the quince softens. Strain and bottle.

Chamomile & lavender foam

30g lavender tea, 30g chamomile tea, 500ml still water, 200ml Ramsbury honey, 100ml Simple syrup, 100ml fresh lemon juice, 2 egg whites.

Let the tea steep in 0.5 litres of cold water for six hours in the fridge. Add lemon juice, Ramsbury honey and 2 egg whites. Fill a siphon with the mixture, add two carbonic acid cartridges, shake well and place in the fridge to set for an hour. Shake the siphon before using it to garnish your cocktail.


40ml Ramsbury Single Estate Gin
20ml fresh lemon juice
30ml Wiltshire Quince Cordial Chamomile & lavender foam


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